Dr. Rajesh Sharma Recognized Leader Who Is Committed to Excellence in Pediatric Heart Care


Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect, accounting for nearly one-third of all major congenital anomalies. A defect results while the heart or blood vessels close to the heart do not develop normally in utero. There are many types of congenital heart defects, but the most common one occurs when the muscular wall separating the bottom chambers of the heart doesn’t fully form – in lay a term that is referred to as a hole inside the heart.

What kinds of Treatments Do Pediatric Heart Surgeons Offer?

A list of the more common procedures performed by surgeons includes:

  • Repair of AV canal
  • Repair of tetralogy of Fallot
  • Norwood00 procedure
  • Ross procedure
  • Fontan procedure
  • Glenn shunt procedure
  • Repair of coarctation of the aorta
  • Closure of atrial or ventricular septal defects
  • Tracheal reconstruction


The results of a corrective heart surgery procedure in children are quite desirable procedures in kids are pretty desirable. Most of the kids lead a normal and healthy life after heart surgery. They can do the same things the children can do without a congenital coronary heart disease.

Benefits of Pediatric Heart Surgery in India

Dr. Rajesh Sharma Recognized Leader Who Is Committed to Excellence in Pediatric Heart Care

There are many reasons why you should choose India to undergo a pediatric heart surgery. First, the cost of treatment in India is one of the lowest in the world. It is estimated that by traveling here, a medical tourist from a western country may save more than half of their money that they would typically spend in any other country. Second, the quality of medical treatment offered at the top hospitals here is the best in the world. If not better, the quality of services, including the technology and equipment is at par with the other countries. This is the reason the country has now become the medical tourism hub for this treatment. The hospitals here treat patients from over 50 countries each year, Although low cost surgery is one of the major factors that attract global medical tourism population, medical expertise and reliability in terms of treatment quality are the other reasons for the profuse growth in a number of patients coming from abroad for surgery.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma Care with Care for Children with Heart Defects

Dr. Rajesh Sharma Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Jaypee Hospital dedicated to repairing heart defects in newborns, infants, children and adolescents. It is what he does best, and he does a lot of it. In his career of more than 3 decades, he has performed over 20,000 cardiac surgical procedures which comprised of both the adult and congenital heart diseases. He has the lowest mortality rate in the country for pediatric heart surgery, and one of the lowest nationwide – even though he routinely treat some of the most complex cases, many referred from other surgeons. He has mentored many cardiac surgical trainees who’re now working towards independently in different parts of India and the subcontinent. He is passionate about the respiratory health of his patients and believes there is nothing more fulfilling than helping patients to breathe more easily.

How Indian Medguru Consultant Assist you

Indian medguru consultant helps you to get multiple opinions from best doctors and hospitals in India and we will also help you to get medical visa, travel, accommodation, and forex etc. we’re here that will help you out with any sort of aid you need. We ensure that your travel is smooth & comfortable, we assists medical tourists to find a hospital that offers treatment within their budget. The company provides cost estimate the organization affords cost estimates from different hospitals to the interested patient so that they can make their decision accordingly.

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Low Cost of Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer Benefitting Several Overseas Patients


In Brachytherapy a radioactive material or source of radiation (seeds or pellets) is placed close to the tumour, inside the body. This treatment is also called as Internal Radiation Therapy, because the radiation material is put inside the patient’s body. This is considered to be very safe and has a much higher effect than the external beam methodology.

The benefits of this therapy are:

  • Very precise targeting and that’s why there is no damage caused to the other nearby tissues
  • The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis, and thus, the patient can avoid hospital stay and doesn’t need to spare much time
  • Minimum restrictions on the patients and they can get back to their routines very early

Brachytherapy Treatment for Breast Cancer

This is another way of giving Radiation Therapy to patients with Breast Cancer. In this, instead of the radiation beams given from outside the body, in Brachytherapy, a device with radioactive pellets or seeds is positioned inside the Breast tissue for a short span of time.

There are two types of Brachytherapy:

  • Interstitial Brachytherapy: Small and hollow tubes are passed into the Breast near the area of the Cancer. Radioactive pellets are placed inside these catheters for a short time every day and then these are removed.
  • Intracavitary Brachytherapy: Very commonly used for women suffering from Breast Cancer. In this treatment, one end of the device is put inside the Breast and expanded throughout the treatment, and the other end sticks outside the Breast. During every treatment, the sources of radiation that is the pellets are placed in the device and then removed.

What is Cost of Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer in India?

Low Cost of Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer Benefitting Several Overseas Patients

The cost of Brachytherapy varies according to the type of Cancer and the organ in question. But still being one of the forms of Cancer treatment, Brachytherapy can make a big hole in the patients’ pockets. Owing to this, many patients might not be able to avail Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer. However, this become easy when planning the same treatment in India because no matter how complex the surgery is, they are all very affordable. Likewise, the cost of Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer too, is very comfortable for the patients’ pockets. The cost of this treatment for Breast Cancer costs only $2,100 in India, whereas, the same costs $12,000 in USA and $10,000 in UK.

Success Rate of Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer in India

As far as Radiation Therapy is concerned, it is considered very safe and very fruitful for Cancer; specifically, for Breast Cancer, Brachytherapy has definitely proved a miraculous form of treatment. It reduces the chances or risks of Breast Cancer striking again. Using it after a Cancer surgery or clubbing it other forms of Cancer treatment enhances its effects. The success rate of this treatment in India is at a very laudable level, thanks to the proficient Cancer specialists.

Best Brachytherapy Centre for Breast Cancer in India

As India is such a popular treatment venue for numerous international patients, the hospitals and treatment centres in India are investing a lot to keep their infrastructure updated at all times. More specifically, the hospitals offering Cancer treatment are very equipped with the most modern Cancer surgeries and therapies. There are many hospitals that offer Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer. So, for international patients needing this therapy, there have several hospitals and centres to choose from:

  • Fortis Escorts
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Global Hospital
  • Fortis Malar
  • Primus Super Specialty Hospital
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre
  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals

Why Most of International Patients Choose Brachytherapy Treatment in India?

  • All kinds of latest treatment procedures implemented in India
  • International patients given high priority
  • Very low cost of Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer
  • No language hindrances
  • Leading and highly recognized hospitals offering Brachytherapy for Breach Cancer
  • Presence of a highly developed medical tourism planner like Indian Med Guru Consultants, which offers the following:
    • Visa letter, stay and travelling arrangements, pick up and drop from the airport, etc.
    • 24/7 assistance
    • Free second consultation with the Breast Cancer experts
    • Top hospitals and Cancer surgeons a part of this organization’s network
    • Cost benefits
    • Complete recovery assured
    • Vacation and sightseeing plans clubbed with medical tours

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Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in India Was a Blessing in Disguise for the Global Patient

Chronic myeloid leukaemia in India was a blessing in disguise for the global patientHi, my name is Robi Guntara, I am from Indonesia. I had my treatment for the Chronic myeloid leukaemia in India. I am pleased with the results that gave me the freedom from the dreaded ailment. We know Leukemia to be a kind of cancer, which hampers the bone marrow and blood. So once it was revealed that I have a blood cancer, I had to plan my surgery, since my country had limited option, I planned to got for my treatment some other country. And Indian hospitals suited me a lot since my doctor has advised me to go. India of late has turned out to be an important destination for blood cancer surgery and other healthcare solution. Considering the low blood cancer treatment cost and availability of top blood cancer surgeons in India, more and more global patients are seen flocking to this place and get the opportunity to get rid of the ailment with quality. This also made me to decide for the Chronic myeloid leukaemia in India.

My doctor suggested me a medical tourism company as well for the treatment who can help me in getting rid of the ailment once for all. The surge of medical tourism in India is a result of a number of factors, which have led to the increase of this idea. One of the primary reasons of this surge is due to the low cost for the Chronic myeloid leukaemia in India. The ease in accessing the high quality healthcare services for the blood cancer seeking the help of top surgeons in India really make this place very much accessible to the international patients and I am one of them. The favorable currency exchange rates found in the global economy, the smooth enhancements in terms of technology has proven very much superior in terms of the global recognized yardstick of care. The global patients like me has no problem in choosing India as their destination for the healthcare services.

I started my communication with the medical tourism company and they responded very much professionally. I was really pleased with their words and the package they offered me for the Chronic myeloid leukaemia in India. Looking with all the positive points, I finally accepted their proposal and then headed for the country once I finally got my medical visa. I reached India with my friend and soon was seen moving to the hospital. I settled down there and then met the doctor who was a competent fellow in the city. He heads the Oncology department at the premium hospital in India. In his career, he has carried out more than thousand surgeries at several hospitals both in India and abroad. His knowledge can be gauged with the number of papers he has presented in a wide range of conferences pertaining to oncology apart from publishing a wide range of papers in top journals of cancer in all across the world.

So, I was convinced that I was in the safe hands and he made me comfortable for my Chronic myeloid leukaemia in India. Soon my day for the surgery appeared and I was taken inside the operation room. The surgery was carried out and I was out of danger. I was there for few days in the hospital and then went on to get the discharge. I must say that the arrangements made by the medical tourism company was the best and I got everything I wanted during my stay in the hospital. I am lucky to have found them and would now recommend one and all. Also, I would like to thank my doctor as well for the kind of treatment he has carried out for me giving me the liberty from the dreaded ailment.

Infant with Heart Defect Undergoes Successful Surgery

tempsnipWas suffering from congenital disorder where large blood vessels are abnormally placed; operation took over five hours

Doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital here performed a ‘high-risk’ surgery to successfully treat a 20-day-old baby boy who was suffering from a congenital heart defect where the large blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the body are abnormally placed.

Apart from suffering Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA), the child had two big holes in his heart along with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), causing breathlessness, said doctors.

Muthu Jothi, senior consultant, Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, said that within a week of the child’s birth, the parents witnessed discolouration in his skin tone.

“His body was turning blue, so the parents took him to a local doctor where his echo was done. The reports revealed that he had TGA — the aorta is connected to the right ventricle, and the pulmonary artery is connected to the left ventricle, which is opposite of a normal heart anatomy,” he said.

Underweight baby

At the time of admission at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, the child was on ventilation and weighed 2.2 kg. The doctors had earlier decided to allow the child to grow a bit and weigh at least 2.8-3 kg before performing the major open-heart surgery.

The baby was kept in critical care on ventilation for a week, but, unfortunately, his condition did not improve and he was not able to come off the ventilator.

“Every time the doctors tried to take him off the ventilation or lower the ventilation, he used to get breathless and turn blue. Considering the criticality of the baby’s condition, we decided to perform the five-hour long surgical procedure,” said Dr. Jothi.

What made the surgery high-risk was the low birth weight. “In order to treat the disease, we performed an arterial switch operation in which the aorta and coronary arteries are disconnected and adjusted to the right place. Along with arterial switch, closure of two big holes in the heart was also done,” Dr. Jothi said.

A release issued by the hospital stated that the child recuperated enough to go home just 10-12 days after the surgery, which is rare. “He is doing absolutely fine now and is gaining weight too,” noted the release.


Lymphoma Treatment: A Cost Effective Solutions for Global Patients

What is Lymphoma?

The lymph system is made up of many cells & organs, the system which produces lymphocytes to maintain the immune system of a human body. These cells spread all over the body just like the blood vessels. Lymphomas are the blood related cancers that begin when the lymphocytes start to multiply in an abnormal way. These affected lymphocytes make lose their infection fighting properties & make the human body more vulnerable to infections.

The treatment of Lymphoma is a lengthy procedure & so is its treatment cost. Most of the patients can’t afford the treatment as it doesn’t match their pockets. But being concerned about cancer patients, I researched some more to find out if the patients can find some kind of relief on a financial treatment note without losing the quality of treatment.

Lymphoma treatment - A Cost Effective Solutions for Global Patients

What Are The Symptoms Of Lymphoma?

When it comes to the lymphoma treatment in India there are several ways of doing it. Cancer can be called as the end result of the cells that are seen growing in an abnormal fashion without controlling it to grow in big number. The normal cells in the body are seen following the abnormal growth path along with giving the bad result. The programmed cell death is known as the apoptosis, and when this process is seen breaking down it ends up giving you the cancer ailment. Exact cause is still to be known about the ailment, which further describes the direction of the lymphoma treatment in India.

Now, talking about the symptoms of the same, these are as under:

  • Fatigue
  • Breathing problem
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Soaking night sweats
  • Swollen or painless lymph nodes
  • Coughing trouble

Patients who have visited India for blood cancer treatment, experience great medical services from a team of highly qualified cancer team, surrounded by helpful staff & infrastructure that made them feel comfortable during the entire surgical procedure. Once you notice these Lymphoma symptoms you need to report the doctor and go for the treatment without actually worrying about the lymphoma treatment cost in India.

Indian Med Guru Consultants will always help you to give best Suggestion for best treatment options call on: +91-9370586696

What Are The Types Of Treatment Available For Lymphoma?

  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Steroids
  • Monoclonal Antibody Therapy
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Stem cell Therapy

Hospitals in India are integrated with high-tech cancer care centers powered by world-class technological support & clinical expertise. Besides, the doctors & their entire team of medical professionals helps to get over the procedure as easily & comfortably as possible, making it less painful for the patient. They monitor the recovery of the patient during & post treatment as well in order to help them come over the cancerous situation as early as possible.

What Are The Types Of Lymphoma?

  1. Hodgkin Lymphoma: This can occur anywhere in the body where there are Lymphocytes in the body. What differentiates this type of Lymphoma from other types is the presence of a cell known as the Reed-Sternberg cell. This is a large, abnormal cell, which does not guard the body from infections. When this particular cell multiplies oddly, this often creates a tumor within a lymph node and affects and attracts the inflammatory cells surrounding it.
  2. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: It is term encompassing a huge number of Lymphatic Cancers, which comprise of almost the 90 percent of the diagnosed Lymphomas. This type of Lymphoma originates when a B-cell divides abnormally, making copies of itself. It further divides and keeps multiplying developing into a tumour.

Lymphoma Treatment cost in India

How Curable Is Lymphoma Cancer?

Before we talk about the lymphoma cancer treatment, we need to understand about the ailment first and then know whether it is curable or not. Well, lymphoma cancer is a dreaded disease found in the lymphatic system of human body. These play a critical role in the immune system thus hampering it in a big way. This dreaded disease spreads from the white blood cells or the lymphocytes, which is presence in the blood stream and then spreads to the different body parts. This can occur at any point of time and at any age group. Unfortunately it remains the most common forms of cancers among the kids apart from seen among the adults who fall in the age group of 15 to 24. However, when we talk whether it is curable or not, it is typically curable as there are several treatment options available in the modern day hospitals that flush out this ailment once for all.

Benefits of Lymphoma Treatment:

It is obvious to get scared while hearing the term cancer, however, with effective lymphoma treatment in India one can get rid of the same. It can give you liberty from the side-effects along with hampering the things right along with making you free from the side effects as well. One of the key potential benefits of treatment of Lymphoma is the freedom from the dreaded disease while it will vary from one way to the other thus depending upon the individual medical condition and the stage of Lymphoma. With the cure, the life gets a good boost thus making them feel happy and comfortable. Also the body’s capacity to fight against the menace increases.

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Dr. Rajesh Sharma Offers Excellence with Compassion in Field of Pediatric Cardiology in India


Pediatric cardiology is a branch of medication coping with disorders of the heart and the circulatory system. The heart is the principal organ to form in fetus. Pediatric cardiologists are pediatricians who represent vast specialization in cardiology. Pediatric Cardiology is responsible for the analysis of congenital heart defects, performing diagnostic procedures for example echocardiograms, cardiac catheterizations and electrophysiology studies.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma best paediatric cardiac surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Rajesh Sharma best paediatric cardiac surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Rajesh Sharma top-rated pediatric cardiologist in India:

Each yr, approximately 7,000-8,000 kids are born with congenital coronary heart disorder. Without corrective surgery they will die prematurely or become permanently handicapped. Dr. Rajesh Sharma best paediatric cardiac surgeon in Delhi is striving to give them a new lease on life. He utilizes the latest medical equipment by providing international standard heart care to local and international patients. He provides exemplary care for both outpatient and inpatients. He is able to accurately diagnose, treat and care for patients, ranging from newborns to adolescents. Through his collaboration with Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi he is more successful than ever before, giving children the safe treatment they need.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma is highly capable doctors at the forefront of pediatric cardiology treatment in India:

Dr. Rajesh Sharma best paediatric cardiac surgeon in Delhi cares for kids with heart problems and their families. He does this with a committed focus on excellent clinical care and research. He is a national reference pediatric cardiac surgeon for the treatment of congenital heart disease, and can offer surgery for all kinds of diseases. He is dedicated to “beating heart disease in kids” and, as part of the cardiac service, embraces the vision of “Best cardiac care – Heart and Mind”. He is dedicated to improving your ability to diagnose, treat, and cure children with congenital heart disease, now and into the future. By supporting you are directly improving the treatments for kids, their families and the community. Sharing competencies and statistics is the best path to providing excellence in care. His care and innovative approaches is built on the latest research in the field. Many of his treatments are developed by him. He is also outstanding teachers, training the future doctors of tomorrow and conducting international outreach activities to enhance pediatric cardiothoracic care in the community.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma is most experienced in major children’s heart surgeries in India:

Dr. Rajesh Sharma is experienced in the full range of pediatric heart surgeries. He performs — and in some cases has pioneered — the latest techniques. For example, he has developed a way to perform the Norwood operation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome on a continuously beating heart, sparing the child the need for heart-lung bypass during surgery. When possible, he performs procedures through small, minimally invasive incisions, to reduce the risk of infection and bleeding, and to help your child recover faster. He offers state of the art and management for patients across all age groups-newborns, infants, children and grown up patients with structural anomalies of the heart. He have as well set the new standards in the patient focused care, and based on belief that personalized attention of doctors, nurses as well as staff is very integral to giving highest quality of medical care.

Benefits of choosing Indian Med Guru Consultants:

Indian Med Guru consultant is renowned as being the leading medical provider in the world. With a large network of world-class specialty hospitals and global-standard healthcare facilities connected to it, Indian Med Guru consultant offers extensive choice to patients for selecting the doctor, hospital and country for getting a successful and affordable. Our priority is to treat you with the utmost respect at the same time as offering top-exceptional care. We realize you have much choice in terms of cardiology providers; but, we consider we distinguish ourselves from the others by using our individualized care. We help you in choosing what is most required for your case. We offer you all type of facilities which can be important for your smooth and strain free treatment.

Making an appointment is now more convenient than ever. Click here https://www.indianmedguru.com/fortishealthcare-hospital-delhi-mumbai-bangalore-india/doctors/dr-rajesh-sharma.html to schedule an appointment online or call +91-9860755000 to speak with an Indian Med Guru consultant representative. Write to us at email id: dr.rajeshsharma@indianmedguru.com


Know about Leukemia Treatment in India

Know about Leukemia Treatment in India - Risk, Symptoms and Survival Rate

Know about Leukemia Treatment in India

Leukemia is a blood and bone marrow cancer; the person suffering from leukemia has abnormal production of blood cells, mainly leukocytes. Leukemia treatment in India at best hospital for leukemia treatment in Delhi with the best cancer specialist. There are different types of Leukemia such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia and chronic lymphocyte leukemia. The slow-growing leukemia does not have any symptoms but the rapid growing leukemia may have symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, frequent infections and easy bruising or bleeding. The treatment for slow-growing leukemia includes monitoring and for aggressive leukemia treatment includes chemotherapy and sometimes radiation and stem-cell transplant. One can get the best treatment package for their medical tour to India with the help of Indian Med Guru consultants.

To know more watch below video:

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Fibroid Surgery in India: Know about the Causes & its Treatment to Consider

What are Fibroid?

Before we discuss about the fibroid surgery cost in India, we need to know about the ailment first. Well, the fibroid are non-cancerous tumors or tissue mass that is seen growing over the uterus of a child bearing woman. More than 20 percent of the women in the age group of 30 to 50 are seen getting affected by this ailment. The treatment options may vary which include both the surgical and non-surgical option, while the fibroid surgery is considered when all the other options do not work.

best hospital for fibroid surgery in India
Fibroid Surgery in India

What causes uterine fibroids?

When it comes to the causes of fibroid, it is yet unclear how it is developed, however, there are a few factors that are seen influencing their formation. These include hormonal changes causing the changes the ovaries, the family history of having fibroids can give the coming generation the same issue, and lastly during the pregnancy and after giving birth to the baby the women are seen facing the issues that can be fixed with fibroid surgery.

Who can have uterine fibroid?

When you talk about the candidates of the fibroid surgery, there are several ways in which one can have the same. However, the treatment option would depend upon a number of things which include the age of the patient along with the conditions and obstetric history one can have along with the size and the kind of fibroid you are suffering from. Some of the key criteria that are linked with the choice of treatment would depend upon several symptoms like excess amount of menstrual bleeding, pain in the abdomen and lower back, have Painful intercourse and frequent urination or constipation.

Get your fibroid test done now at best hospital for fibroid surgery in India by calling us on: +91-9370586696 

Are there alternatives to surgery?

If you do not want to consider the fibroid surgery then there are a few alternate to the same, which comes in the form of Embolization, which has been there since the year 1975. In gynecology, it can be seen using and reducing the bleeding during uterine surgery. This is among the non-invasive treatment option that is carried out with great care and medical acceptance. Considering the number of benefits, this treatment option is often called as an affordable option when compared to the fibroid surgery cost in India.

Book Appointment with Dr. Veena Bhat Best Fibroid Surgeon in India:

When it comes to dealing with the Fibroid surgery in India we have several names and to name the best, it is none other than Dr. Veena Bhat who is a known and skilled man in this domain. She has a huge experience and expertise in dealing with these issues and you can easily get the chance to be treated for the ailment getting the lower uterine fibroid surgery cost in India with high quality. And the best way to consider her for the said surgery is to seek the help of competitive medical tourism company that has the doctor in its network.

Dr. Veena Bhat offers advanced, compassionate care, affordable prices, and a commitment to help. Book your online consultation with Dr. Veena Bhat Best Fibroid Surgeon in India mail on:  dr.veenabhat@indianmedguru.com

What are the risks of having Fibroid Surgery?

Unlike any other surgery, fibroid surgery can also have certain risks and complications. Though most of the surgical procedures dealing with fibroids can be called as safer options yet there are several risks associated with the same, which can include bleeding, infection , the requirement for the repeat procedure, the damages seen to organs found in your abdomen like the bowel or bladder, the scar tissues found in the abdomen that can bind the organs and the tissue, the urinary issues or the problems in bowel, the fertility issues, the complications in pregnancy, the chance of getting another surgery which is rare and lastly the improper choice of surgical options leading to issues.

Wrap Up:

So when it comes to getting treated with the best doctor and at the top hospital, you need the best medical tourism company for obvious reasons. Well, there are several ways in which one can get the best treatment however; this one is the reliable when you have top groups like Indian Med Guru. The group has the best doctors and hospitals in its network and besides it helps the global patients in all the ways of getting the treatment done right on time and professionalism.

We pride ourselves on our level of patient care, we have 24*7 online consultation available for our patient’s one can get in touch with us by calling on: +91-9370586696 OR can mail there detailed reports on:  contact@indianmedguru.com

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High quality Infertility treatment in India makes a huge difference in the life of international patients


Before we talk about the IVF India cost, we need to talk about the surgery first and then check the other details. Well, the infertility is no more called as a curse thing among the childless couple. The people with no child can have effective infertility treatment options and thus become father and mother. Thanks the advanced medical surgical procedures like IVF things have become practical for one and all. This problem is worldwide and couples getting affected with this ailment can get rid of the same with effective infertility treatment options. There could be many reasons behind the same but the good news is that you can get rid of these medical ailments and fix the problem with great care and professionalism. Now let’s check more about this infertility treatment option along with knowing the IVF India cost as well.

High quality Infertility treatment in India makes a huge difference in the life of international patients

High quality Infertility treatment in India

Available Treatment for Infertility in India:

There are several infertility treatment options available in India, which certainly include the IVF procedure as well. These are broadly classified further into three ways, which include medicines to improve fertility, the surgical treatment options and assisted conception. Let’s check the three:

  1. Medicines: There are several drug medicines that are available to fix the problem of infertility, these include Clomifene, Medicines that contain Gonadotrophins, and Metformin. These medicines are often used to aggravate ovulation, which helps in release of the eggs.
  2. Surgical Treatments: The infertility treatment that demand for surgeries are often carried out to fix the problems that are seen in the fallopian tube, fibroid, to get rid of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or to fix some male infertility issues. Also, the surgery called Endometriosis helps in improving upon the fertility issues among the women.
  3. Assisted Conception: In this infertility treatment option, one can find a number of treatment choices that can be used, which include Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Egg Donation, and Embryo Donation to name a few. Also, there are other forms of treatment that can be used to fix these issues that include supplying zinc, selenium, and vitamin E supplements, which helps in improving upon the infertility issues among the childless couples.

If you are looking forward for any of your Infertility treatment in India than be assured that India Med Guru is the best consultant who can help you to book your appointment without any hustle call on: +91-9370586696

What is the average cost of infertility treatments?

Being infertile is no more expensive as we have several affordable treatment options including the getting the affordable IVF India cost. Now, if you compare the IVF India cost or any other treatment options in India with developed nations like the US and the UK, it comes out to be very much affordable. For instance the IVF India cost is around 3000 USD, while the same procedure can be carried out with the huge amount of 12,000 USD. Similarly the other treatment options like IUI and GIFT can cost you around 5000 and 3500 USD respectively, while the same infertility treatment procedures can cost you around 11500 and 17500 USD respectively.

Success rate of Infertility Treatment in India:

When it comes to the infertility treatment India has the highest success rate of IVF in India, it is often regarded to be significant in number. The fact of the matter is it comes out to be close to 95 percent which depends upon several factors including the doctor, the top hospital and other elements that make things good to the best

Get the treatment at the best infertility specialist in India:

Getting infertility treatment in India is easy and affordable provided you get a competent medical tourism company. Luckily you can find one with a good research that can offer you affordable IVF India cost package giving the best of the affordability element and other things. Take your time to find out the best so that you end up getting the best of the infertility treatment options.


If you are looking for infertility treatment options in India, then you have chosen to get quality with affordability element. Thanks to the low and affordable IVF cost India, more and more global patients are heading to Indian hospitals to get the best of the healthcare services. You can get a preliminary consultation with Indian teacher guru who will always help you to get the best opinion for the best treatment within your budget.

For Quick response call on: + 91-9370586696 OR mail your detailed reports on: contact@indianmedguru.com

Dr. Jalaj Baxi Best Oncosurgeon in India Can Help You Manage Cancer in India

Overview :

Oncology, the study of cancer and tumors, has made good sized development within the prevention, treatment, and prognosis of many childhood cancers. Despite this progress, cancer is still a chief cause of death by disease in children. Childhood cancer varies from person cancers in improvement, remedy, response to therapy, tolerance of remedy, and prognosis. In most cases, childhood cancer is more responsive to therapy, the child can tolerate more aggressive therapy, and the prognosis is better.

Mission, Vision And Core Values Of Dr. Jalaj Baxi Best Oncosurgeon In India 

The mission of Dr. Jalaj Baxi top oncosurgeon in Fortis hospital Noida is to eliminate cancer in India, the nation, and the world through outstanding programs that integrate patient care.Dr. Jalaj Baxi best cancer surgeon at fortis Noida is the premier cancer care surgeon in India, based on the excellent treatment plan, his research-driven patient care and his science. Dr. Jalaj Baxi is making cancer history.

Core Values Of Dr. Jalaj Baxi 

Caring : By his words and actions, he creates a caring environment for everyone.Dr. Jalaj Baxi best cancer specialist in India is sensitive to the concerns of his patients and our co-workers.Dr. Jalaj Baxi is respectful and courteous to his patients at all times.

Integrity :  Dr. Jalaj Baxi holds himself, accountable for practicing his values.Dr. Jalaj Baxi communicates frequently, honestly and openly.By his actions, he creates an environment of trust.

Discovery : Dr. Jalaj Baxi consultant oncologist in Fortis Noida embraces creativity and seeks new knowledge. He identifies and solves problems.Dr. Jalaj Baxi best oncologist Fortis Hospital Noida seeks personal growth and enables others to do so.

Dr. Jalaj Baxi Offers Higher Standards And Greater Hope For Cancer Patients

Dr. Jalaj Baxi best oncosurgeon in India believes in higher standards of care, from treatments and technologies to a hands-on approach to patient interactions. Dr. Jalaj Baxi top oncosurgeon in Fortis hospital Noida spends more time listening to his patients, diagnosing their problems and finding effective treatments. He is happy to help with small details, and managing the finer points of a treatment plan. These touches don’t just mean a better patient experience. Dr. Jalaj Baxi best cancer surgeon at fortis Noida believes that he can result in better understanding, more effective treatments and greater hope for success. From his personal, compassionate approach to his expertise in treating cancer, he provides you with the best care available.

Dr. Jalaj Baxi Best Oncosurgeon in India Can Help You Manage Cancer in India

To Get The Best Cancer Treatment Within Your Budget Price Then Consult With The Best Cancer Specialist Dr. Jalaj Baxi .He Is Currently associated With Fortis Hospital Noida He Has Surgical Experience Of More Than 20 Years.For Your Fast Track Query Reply Email Your Medical Report At drjalajbaxi@indiacancersurgerysite.com.

What Makes Dr. Jalaj Baxi different?

• Dr. Jalaj Baxi Top oncosurgeon Fortis Hospital Noida is committed to giving the time needed to enhance the understanding of disease treatment and prognosis.

• Dr. Jalaj Baxi best cancer surgeon at fortis Noida is committed to fighting and conquering cancer with knowledge, perseverance and hope.• Additional group consultations help ensure that the patient is receiving the most cutting-edge cancer therapy.

• Excellence is achieved by making sure that every patient receives the very best possible treatment.

Why Choose India Cancer Surgery Service?

India cancer surgery service does whatever it can to help out its clients. We’ll explore to maximum depth for you and allow you endless research options. There are countless hospitals to choose from, from across the world. If you can’t find what you are looking for, send us a request and we’ll help you with the same. We offer tailor-made services to all. Once you have placed your requests on the table, we will look for the most feasible and the best ever options for you. You can pick out anything you locate maximum suitable from amongst the multifarious options and consequently our devoted coordinator shall guide you the best feasible extent.

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